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Gigi G. reviewed Baked oysters @ Gumbeaux's A Cajun Cafe in Douglasville, GA and loved it!
Get a dozen!
Etienne D. reviewed French Food @ Les Deux Zincs in Bourdonné, France and thought it's just ok.
Etienne D. reviewed French Food @ Les Quat'Zarts in Maulette, France and thought it's just ok.
Good food but very noisy inside
Etienne D. reviewed French Food @ Le Tire Bouchon in Houdan, France and thought it's just ok.
Not what it used to be
Etienne D. reviewed Good French Food @ L'Opporthym in Gambais, Île-de-France, France and loved it!
Very good local restaurant with reasonable prices
Etienne D. reviewed Nothing @ Ribeiro Maria-Rosa in Gambais, France and thought it's yucky!
Not a restaurant
eau B. reviewed Heart-Warming Soup @ Pancake House - Limketkai Mall in Philippines and loved it!
Warm Mushroom Soup, with thin slices of cucumber... Truly heart-warming! :)
Claudio G. reviewed Pizza @ Bistrot Latini 義大利小館 in Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan and loved it!
As an Italian pizza maker/lover/critic, I though the simple "Margherita" pizza was one of the better ones I've had in Taiwan thus far. As a HARD critic, I rate it a 7.5. And this is why I am stepping out the door momentarily to pick-up another one to go. When I was there for the first time ever, 2 weeks ago, I pointed out to the waitress that there were several mistakes in their Italian menu descriptions. I offered to help the establishment, free of charge, but never got contacted...Maybe the message didn't get relayed to the correct person as many people are not pro-active or awake in this country, or maybe management didn't deem it necessary, which would represent lack of attention to detail...Oh well! Before I place my order this evening, I will request speaking with the person in charge to reiterate my offer. Should anyone show interest, I will follow up. Cheers!
m A. reviewed Krispino Meat Lover @ Krispino Pizza in Plano, TX and loved it!
Super delicious!
Gigi G. reviewed Chopped BBQ Sandwich @ Art's Barbecue & Deli in Charlotte, NC and loved it!
Excellent and plenty of food.